EXCLUSIVE: Maac Cruiz x Anita’s Daughter

Maac Cruiz keeps his fans on the edge of their seats for the release of ” The Authentic” but not without another teaser. Cruiz flows about a special lady in his life with the smooth sample of Queen Latifah’s U.N.I.T.Y. and of course  that bass to bump for the summer. Check it Out while we wait!




6 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Maac Cruiz x Anita’s Daughter

  1. Yo this my nigga Maac fr fr. Bul gone be big real soon. He the only one out the city making his own kind of music!! These fufu niggas don’t even got the half. Keep puttin on for the carolinas Maac.

  2. Ok so I just subscribed so I don’t miss a single post lol. I totally love your blog ! Shout out to you and all the sistas in hip hop ! You all never get the credit that is overly deserved. I’m about to read your post on Queen Latifah and get “hip” to her. I only know a couple songs of her lol. But anywho, I never know what to expect from Maac, like never. He always brings something different when he arrives with new work. This track is love. His creativity is love. His ear for distinctive beats, is love. I can’t wait anymore for the authentic !! I know it’s going to be grand 🙂

    • Im so grateful for your support!! Women in hip hop need more credit!! I appreciate your subscribe and reading this post. The Authentic will be release before you know it. Maac Cruiz appreciates you! & thanks again for reading new flava!

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