The @breakfastclubam interview w/ @AngieMartinez is Inspiring! Talks about Secret Tupac tapes, Leaving Hot 97, & Rumors!

When the news broke that radio personality Angie Martinez was leaving Hot 97, I was ecstatic! I was literally in tears of joy for her because she has accomplished so much yet I thought she was just staying in place with Hot 97. I loved the fact that she is still open to growth and learning new things because some successful people think there is no need for any more progress. Not Ms. Angie! This interview made me love her all over again because she is definitely a beautiful soul.

Angie talks about how extremely loyal she is and that how Hot 97 wished her luck and sent her on her way respectfully. She keeps it real about why she turned down the American Idol gig, the mystery of her exclusive Tupac tapes, and the bad side of interviewing. I had to literally stop and take notes because some of the quotes she said were so genuine and real.

Hot 97 listeners might decrease because most fans were holding on because of Ms. Angie . It seems as though they have been loosing listeners lately due to not staying true to the Hip Hop radio culture. I think it was nesarry for her to keep her departure discrete, She always came on to me as a vault so it was not surprising.  Hot 97 obviously needs new management, radio personalities like Peter Rosenberg and Ebro make it hard to support that company anymore. Nobody who disrespects Chuck D loves and truly respects the culture of Hip Hop so those two, especially Rosenberg are frauds!

Anyways, One thing I know for sure is that Angie Martinez will be a legend in Hip Hop radio and she is my ultimate aspiration to my future radio career.

Check the Interview


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