Is @Kendricklamar the Best Lyricist in this Hip Hop decade? @Lupefiasco says @Logic301, @Cassidy_Larsiny & @IamKingLos are better!

Rapper, Lupe Fiasco came by The Hot 97 studio Tuesday morning to promote his new single “Mission”. Of course it wouldn’t be a Lupe Fiasco interview if controversial issues were not brought up, the group discussed cancer remedies, Hot 97 “Pop Hop”radio selection and the best lyricists in the game right now. During the lyricists debate Lupe stated that “Listen Kendrick is super ill. The whole TDE team is the illest team, but he’s not the best”. Lupe responds with his personal best in the game: Cassidy, King Los, and newcomer Logic.

I felt like Lupe Fiasco made some valid points about Hot 97 transformation over the years. I am tired of Hot 97 giving excuses for their radio selection, it makes no sense as to why New York City Hip Hop stations don’t break NY artists records anymore. There is nothing real about only playing music that is trash and then admitting that you think it’s trash! Also teens are not the only radio listeners that radio stations should cater to! Radio stations need to get it together and play more versatile subgenre Hip Hop music, if it worked in the early 2000’s we can make it work some how Today.
My opinion on the Kendrick debate is bias because it took me awhile to catch on to Kendrick Lamar and really dig his music. It’s interesting because even when I did start liking Kendrick’s sound he still wasn’t popular and a lot of people still did not feel him. I do feel like Kendrick is one MC that will stick in the Hip Hop industry and I do think Logic has potential to be in that position as well. As for Cassidy, he is a great battle rapper but Lupe knew that was a stretch. King Los is dope but it was either him or Kendrick and the people choose Kendrick.
Oh yeah, and Lupe was dead ass wrong for saying that he liked Young Thug then trying to talk about lyrical ability but that is expected from him. He can go from 100 to 0 when he is talking if you know what I mean. But honestly this might be one of Lupe Fiasco’s best interview and I wish him success with his knew project.

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