Vintage Flava: @QueenLatifah inspires the 90’s with Her African Print!

It’s been a long time! I shouldn’t left you with out a dope vintage post to rep too!

I Know I’m Lame but…

Aside from being one of  Today’s Hip Hop’s prominent leaders and being a lady OG in the game, Queen Latifah stated her presence early with her bold, neck breaking head wraps and funky style! This lady has always stayed true to herself in the industry and holds her crown high.

Check Out Queen Latifah’s vintage flava and suggested materials to create a similar look!



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Suggested Items:

Printed Head wrap (Tribal or African print if possible)


Black Blazer

Black Track Pants

Vintage Printed Blazers

Over sized sweatshirts, t-shirts & overalls

African Necklaces

Discussion: State of Hip Hop 2014 w/ @Elliotwilson, @Karencivil, @hovain, @Jasfly & more!

Earlier in June, popular Hip Hop media personalities got together for a live stream on the state of Hip Hop in 2014 with Jay-Z’s Life & Times. There were some valid points mentioned yet a lot of other things could have been said. One argument that stuck out to me the most was whether or not “Good Kid Mad City”  was the standard or greatest level of a Hip Hop album in today’s culture. And if YG’s, “My Krazy Life” met up to that standard to being the best Hip Hop album released in 2014.

It’s always biased when discussing mainstream Hip Hop because there are always only a select group of artists mentioned. GKMC was a great album but it could never be the standard for a Hip Hop album. We have to remember there was a time when a lot of people did not understand Kendrick Lamar’s music and that confusion is still going on today. Personally, I have always slept on YG but I congratulate him on his recent success. His album was surprisingly ear pleasing but the year is not even over yet so there is no way he is holding that title, BE REAL.

This argument brought to my attention how short of a range we have in Hip Hop when it comes to music and artists. We need to include more classic independent acts in these debates because they actually the real ones keeping the culture alive. Joey Badass, Dizzy Wright, Childish Gambino or not even My Favorite, Big Krit was mentioned. I felt like some of them were representing for certain artists especially when Karen Civil said Lil Durk’s mixtape was amazing. I love Karen but girl your not fooling anybody, we know that’s your people! Independent Hip Hop is still getting overlooked in a major way.

We need more honest Hip Hop bloggers, journalists, media personalities who are dedicated to the positivity of the hip hop culture and being truthful about the music that is being released. Tired of all this shitty ass music being in the same sentence as great and legendary. Our Hip Hop brothers and sisters of the golden era are disappointed but they are still pushing forward.

I do appreciate Elliott Wilson for this panel because it brought to my attention some major issues in Hip Hop. What are your views on the panel? Do you agree or disagree?


Late Night Slow Jams: Donell Jones x Where I Want to Be

Back when I was 16, I had a friend who read me a letter from her boyfriend at the time, she wanted to get my opinion of the poem. She read it aloud and after she was done she was in tears  because even though he was breaking up with her she felt special that he wrote her a poem. But of course I had to cut her happiness short, it took me a minute but I realized this so-called original poem for my friend coincidently were the lyrics of one of my favorite songs by Singer/Songwriter Donell Jones. She was so heartbroken and I believe she never truly forgave me for telling her the truth. Who knew Donell Jones who make an anthem for all the pretty boys who were part time loving?

“But when you love someone you just don’t treat them bad” (Oh really)


@_LenaChanel Brings Back the 90’s Vibe with New Single “No More”

Soul R&B Music has really took control of my Ipod lately & the ladies have been holding it down for sure! Snooping on Soundcloud really does pay off because I got exposed to this beautiful young lady named Lena Chanel. The Washington, D.C. native is a singer /songwriter who is taking us back to the 90’s with her newest track “No More” on her anticipated EP, Vivid. She gives me this modern day Lauryn hill, Brownstone feel & I love it. Keep it up Queen!

Check it Out & show some Love by purchasing her single on Itunes!

New Music: @BeMyFiasco is Summertime Fine!

Dallas native, Bianca Rodriguez is definitely a sultry soultress! After her one year hiatus from the music scene she is back with “Summertime fine”. She samples one of my favorites from Ms. Erykah Badu, “Back in the Day” to sing about the beauty of the Black Woman.
I am loving this for the summer. Check it Out!

Listen to her last mixtape “Solitude”